Accepted Papers

A Fast Incremental Algorithm for Maintaining Dispatchability of Partially Controllable Plans
Julie Shah, John Stedl, Brian Williams, Paul Robertson

A Hybrid Linear Programming and Relaxed Plan Heuristic for Partial Satisfaction Planning Problems
J. Benton, Menkes van den Briel, Subbarao Kambhampati

A New Local-Search Algorithm for Forward-Chaining Planning
Andrew Coles, Maria Fox, Amanda Smith

Act Local, Think Global: Width Notions for Tractable Planning
Hubie Chen, Omer Gimenez

An Innovative Product for Space Mission Planning: An A Posteriori Evaluation
Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Simone Fratini, Angelo Oddi, Nicola Policella

Approximate Solution Techniques for Factored First-order MDPs
Scott Sanner, Craig Boutilier

Bounding the Resource Availability of Activities with Linear Resource Impact
Jeremy Frank, Paul Morris

Complexity of Concurrent Temporal Planning
Jussi Rintanen

Constructing Conflict-Free Schedules in Space and Time
David Hildum, Stephen Smith

Context-aware Logistic Routing and Scheduling
Jonne Zutt, Adriaan ter Mors, Cees Witteveen

Cost-Sharing Approximations for h^+
Vitaly Mirkis, Carmel Domshlak

Discovering Relational Domain Features for Probabilistic Planning
Jia-Hong Wu, Bob Givan

Dynamic Control in Path-Planning with Real-Time Heuristic Search
Vadim Bulitko, Yngvi Bjornsson, Mitja Lustrek, Jonathan Schaeffer, Sverrir Sigmundarson

Evaluating Temporal Planning Domains
William Cushing, Daniel Weld, Subbarao Kambhampati, Mausam, Kartik Talamadupula

Exploiting Procedural Domain-Specific Control Knowledge in State-of-the-Art Planners
Jorge Baier, Christian Fritz, Sheila McIlraith

External Memory Value Iteration
Stefan Edelkamp, Shahid Jabbar, Blai Bonet

FF+FPG: Guiding a Policy-Gradient Planner
Olivier Buffet, Douglas Aberdeen

FF-Replan: A Baseline for Probabilistic Planning
Sungwook Yoon, Alan Fern, Bob Givan

Flexible Abstraction Heuristics for Optimal Sequential Planning
Malte Helmert, Patrik Haslum, Joerg Hoffmann

From Conformant into Classical Planning: Efficient Translations That May be Complete Too
Hector Palacios, Hector Geffner

Generating Exponentially Smaller POMDP Models Using Conditionally Irrelevant Variable Abstraction
Trey Smith

Gradient-Based Relational Reinforcement-Learning of Temporally Extended Policies
Charles Gretton

itSIMPLE 2.0: An Integrated Tool for Designing Planning Domains
Tiago Vaquero, Victor Romero, Flavio Tonidandel, José Reinaldo Silva

Learning Macro-Actions for Arbitrary Planners and Domains
M.A. Hakim Newton, John Levine, Maria Fox, Derek Long

Learning to Plan using Harmonic Analysis of Diffusion Models
Sridhar Mahadevan, Sarah Osentoski, Jeff Johns, Kimberly Ferguson, Chang Wang

Managing Personal Tasks with Time Constraints and Preferences
Ioannis Refanidis

Mixed Integer Linear Programming for Exact Finite-horizon Planning in Decentralized POMDPs
Raghav Aras, Alain Dutech, François Charpillet

Monitoring Plan Optimality During Execution
Christian Fritz, Sheila McIlraith

Online Identification of Useful Macro-Actions for Planning
Andrew Coles, Maria Fox, Amanda Smith

On the Hardness of Planning Problems With Simple Causal Graphs
Anders Jonsson, Omer Gimenez

Online Planning for Resource Production in Real-Time Strategy Games
Hei Chan, Alan Fern, Soumya Ray, Nick Wilson, Chris Ventura

Planning Robust Temporal Plans: a Comparison Between CBTP and TGA Approaches
Yasmina Abdedaïm, Eugene Asarin, Matthieu Gallien, Felix Ingrand, Charles Lesire, Mihaela Sighireanu

Planning with Diversified Models for Fault-Tolerant Robots
Benjamin Lussier, Matthieu Gallien, Jérémie Guiochet, Félix Ingrand, Marc-Olivier Killijian, David Powell

Planning with Respect to an Existing Schedule of Events
Andrew Coles, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Amanda Smith

Prioritizing Bellman Backups Without a Priority Queue
Peng Dai, Eric Hansen

Robust Local Search and Its Application to Generating Robust Schedules
Hoong Chuin Lau, Thomas Ou, Fei Xiao

Semantics for High-level Actions
Bhaskara Marthi, Jason Wolfe, Stuart Russell

Structural Patterns of Tractable Sequentially-Optimal Planning
Michael Katz, Carmel Domshlak

Temporal Probabilistic Planning with Policy-Gradients
Douglas Aberdeen, Olivier Buffet

Temporally-expressive Planning as Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Yuxiao Hu

The Manpower Allocation Problem with Time Windows and Job-Teaming Constraints
Anders Dohn, Esben Kolind, Jens Clausen

Towards a Heuristic for Scheduling the James Webb Space Telescope
Mark Giuliano, Reiko Rager, Nazma Ferdous

Transformational Planning for Everyday Activity
Armin Müller, Alexandra Kirsch, Michael Beetz

Using Adaptive Priority Weighting to Direct Search in Probabilistic Scheduling
Andrew Sutton, Adele Howe, Darrell Whitley

Using Decision Procedures Efficiently for Optimization
Matthew Streeter, Stephen Smith

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