ICAPS Best Dissertation Award

ICAPS 2007 Outstanding Dissertation Award

  • Haakan Younes - for his creative research on formal verification of discrete event systems and planning with concurrent actions with uncertain duration, for the development of an original representation based on Semi-Markov Decision Processes and of a highly innovative algorithmic approach for solving this class of planning problems

Honorable Mention

  • Daniel Bernstein - for is highly innovative research on planning under uncertainty for multiple agents introducing and characterizing a new framework of decentralized MDPs
  • Patrik Haslum - for his marked contribution to the development of a family of admissible heuristics for optimal planning in the sequential and temporal settings
  • Malte Helmert - for his extensive work on the analysis and characterization of the structure of classical planning domains and his highly effective heuristics using abstraction hierarchies derived from causal graphs

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