ICAPS 2007 Best Paper Awards

ICAPS-07 Best Research Paper Award

  • "Flexible abstraction heuristics for optimal sequential planning" Malte Helmert, Patrik Haslum, and Joerg Hoffmann.

ICAPS-07 Best Application Paper Award

  • "An innovative product for space mission planning: an a posteriori evaluation" Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Simone Fratini, Angelo Oddi, and Nicola Policella.

ICAPS-07 Best Student Paper Award

  • From Conformant into Classical Planning: Efficient Translations That May be Complete Too" Hector Palacios and Hector Geffner.

ICAPS-07 Best Doctoral Consortium Papers


  • "Monitoring the Execution of Optimal Plans" Christian Fritz.

Runner Up

  • "Using Decision Procedures Efficiently for Optimization" Matthew Streeter.

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